Advanced Diploma in MERN Stack Development

No prerequisite skills, but buckle up and prepare to develop! Covering many aspects of this course.

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Course Details

Eligibility: High School & above

Hours: 09:00 — 13:00

MERN Stack is a collection of powerful technologies and robust, used to develop scalable master web applications comprising backend, front-end, and database components. It is JavaScript that is used for the faster and easier development of full-stack web applications. MERN Stack is a technology that is a user-friendly full-stack JavaScript framework for building applications and dynamic websites.

  • M stands for MongoDB ( Database ), mainly used for preparing document database and is a NoSQL (Non-Structured Query Language ) Database System
  • E stands for Express, mainly used for developing Node.js web framework
  • R stands for React, mainly used for developing a client-side JavaScript framework
  • N stands for Node js, mainly used for developing the premier JavaScript web server

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Job Oriented Training

Career oriented training ensure making them understand not only the basics of thechnology but also the best practices in their respective career.

Our Syllabus

The syllabus is updated with latest technologies and systems. So the students are always learn the latest methods and development structure.

Key of Success

We make sure the participation in live projects to make sure the good project knoweledge to ensure better career and quality working environment for better outcome.